Double bed size : The dimensions of a bed how to choose?

How do you choose a double bed Size?

We'll dive into one of these primary elements, double bed size, after describing the characteristics of the bed on which a definition is based on what is comfortable for you.

Before any mattress is made, the size of the double bed must be carefully evaluated in order to provide the sleeper(s) with the best possible resting experience over the duration of the mattress and bed base.

Parameters to consider while determining the double bed Size

The following parameters are used to determine the size of the bed:

  • the number of sleepers
  • their sizes
  • their builds
  • their habits
  • the space available in the room
  • their tastes
  • etc.

It's crucial to pay attention to the breadth and length of a bed since they determine the amount of surface space accessible for sleeping comfortably.

For example, the size of the bed must be appropriate for the user: a 7-year-old child will feel lost in a bed measuring 180 cm × 200 cm, whilst a large man with a rugby player may feel confined in an 80 cm x 190 cm bed.

First and foremost, there are standard double bed sizes.

A guide to the dimensions of a standard-size bed

Dimensions of a basic light

In France, the normal size of a communally permitted single bed is

  • For an adult, 90 cm x 190 cm
  • 80 cm x 190 cm for a teenager or children above the age of six.

These are common bed sizes for one person, or one place.

Type of bed                                                                 Size of your bed

Cot                                                                                60cm x 120cm

Bed for a teenager or children over 6 years old           80 cm x 190 cm

Single bed for an adult                                                 90 cm x 190 cm

Single bed for large adults                                           90 cm x 200 cm

1 place 1/2 basic bed                                                    120 cm x 190 cm

1 place 1/2 bed for large adults                                    120 cm x 200 cm

A double bed is the same size as a single bed.

In France, there are three standard double bed size models:




These bed sizes are designed to accommodate two people, or two spaces.

Type of bed                                        Size of your bed

Basic double bed                                140 cm × 190 cm

Double bed for large adults                140 cm × 200 cm

Double bed called "queen size"         160 cm × 200 cm

Double bed called "king size"            180 cm × 200 cm

The 140 x 200 cm bed is 10 cm longer than the typical size of the base of a double bed. This size is better suited to adults of a larger stature.

The "queen size" double bed is 20 cm longer than the "regular" double bed.

In comparison to a conventional double bed, the "king size" double bed is 40 cm longer.

Size of a 1 1/2 place bed

Type of bed                                                Size of your bed

1 place 1/2 basic bed                                  120 cm x 190 cm

1 place 1/2 bed for large adults                  120 cm x 200 cm

Oversize dimension

Deviating from these guidelines might have significant financial consequences. Insofar as an industrial bed manufacturer's production follows a standardising logic, this will be the case. As a result, making an off-rating bed is a one-of-a-kind experience.

Because making an off-the-shelf bed is part of their manufacturing process, artisanal bedding enterprises like the Le Briand workshops stand out on this issue.

What size bed to choose?

It's all about determining the appropriate bed size for your space.

Dimensions in the vicinity of a bed

You must also consider the amount of room required to "turn" around the bed. Do you want a larger bed that will force you to cram it into a corner, which comes with its own set of challenges, or changing the sheets? Would you prefer to reduce the size to make it more comfortable while you aren't lying down?

Finally, the size of your bed has an impact on two additional aspects of your bed's comfort, namely humidity regulation and thermal comfort. These two aspects will be discussed in more detail later.

A modest amount of precision on the beds of unique forms, as well as the shape's impact on the "useful" dimensions.

The rectangle enables for a greater ratio of ground surface occupied vs. surface accessible for resting comfortably. Rounding the corners, as in Louis XV beds, has no effect on this ratio, but the further away from the rectangle you get, the more adversely this ratio changes.

To be concrete, a 140 cm x 190 cm bed requires 2.66 m2 of space on the ground. Because this bed is jammed in a corner and requires 30 cm of access on one side and at the foot, the bedroom's minimum area will be 3.74 m2.

A 210 cm diameter round bed, on the other hand, provides the same width and length at the foot and head as a rectangular bed.

The surface of the bedroom increases to 5.76 m2 with the same assumption (wedged in the corner and 30 cm more on two sides). Of course, the pleasure of creativity and the sensation of freedom are not the same...

Thanks to tailor-made unit production, the mattress maker can create a bed with appropriate measurements for the sleeper's comfort during the manufacturing process of a box spring or a woollen mattress.

Finally, clients seeking off-the-shelf conventional bedding are not overburdened by considerable additional costs in order to suit any special need.

To sum up the measurements of the bed,

If you're seeking for a single bed for adults, the 90 x 190 cm size will be ideal.

It is possible to choose the measurements 90200 cm for taller persons.

Finally, if you need a bed for two people, the 160200 cm size is the most popular.

The organic baby mattress (60120 cm) or the 70160 cm mattress (70160 cm) are available for babies and children.

A bed's standard dimensions are as follows:

single bed                     90cm x 190cm

double bed                    140cm × 200cm

The size of your bed, on the other hand, is decided not only by the morphology and preferences of the sleeper(s), but also by other factors such as the amount of space available to accommodate the double bed size or the barriers in the way to the room.


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