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The Measurements Of The double bed mattress

How do you figure out which size is best for our body type?

The perfect mattress is one that allows sleepers to extend their legs and arms freely without reaching the bed's edges.

But first, let's look at the differences between the various mattress sizes and how to select the ideal size for your mattress.

Single, double, and one-and-a-half-square double bed mattressare available.

Standard mattress sizes aren't chosen at random: they're the product of several studies and research into the quality and dynamics of sleep, and they're set by various manufacturers in accordance with specific European Union rules (Norma, UNI-11036 and Circular of the 7 December 2001).

double bed mattress come in a variety of sizes, depending on the country in which they are made. The usual length in Italy is 190 cm, with varying widths depending on the type. The standard length in Scandinavian countries, as well as Germany, Switzerland, and Austria, is 200 cm. The standard mattress sizes are then determined based on the population's average size. The truth is that only a single 80/190 or double 160/190 mattress is considered normal or quick delivery... everything else, especially the square and a half, is made to order.

But first, let's look at our country's conventional mattress sizes and when they're advised.

The dimensions of a single bed mattressare:

In Italy, the usual single mattress size is 80 cm wide by 190 cm long. This style is perfect for children because it is large enough for them to rest comfortably.

Adults, on the other hand, may not find the traditional single mattress sizes to be the best fit, particularly those of medium to tall stature. In these circumstances, a larger single mattress model with a width of 90 cm and a length of 200 cm is recommended.

This tip is especially important for adolescents: sleeping on mattresses that are too narrow causes the body to hold unpleasant positions for fear of falling out of bed, which can contribute to the development of joint and postural disorders, especially in young people. 'adulthood.

Several merchants in Italy sell versions with mattress sizes that are larger than typical. The cost will be similar to that of a standard single mattress, but the quality of sleep will be greatly better.

If the person is extremely tall and cannot locate a mattress that meets their needs, a company that creates custom-made bed systems might be contacted.

There are two mattress sizes available: one and a half and one and a half (normally made on request)

The 120 cm wide and 190 cm long 1 and a half square mattress is 120 cm broad and 190 cm long. These mattresses are ideal for teens and adults who sleep on a single mattress since they are larger and allow the sleeper to move about freely and rest in a natural position.

In this situation, too, a mattress with a length of 200 cm is perfect for a person of average height.

This style of mattress is especially ideal for use in a guest room with limited space.

The dimensions of a double bed mattress are:

When it comes to selecting a bed system for the master bedroom, choosing a mattress of sufficient size is very crucial. In fact, because of the restricted space provided in a shared bed, it is common for partners to disturb each other during the night, lowering the quality of each other's sleep.

When it comes to double bed systems, the guideline of choosing the proper mattress size is especially important: both partners must have adequate space to stretch out their legs and arms without risking falling out of the mattress.

In Italy, a conventional double mattress is 160 cm wide and 190 cm long. When one of the partners is of medium height, however, a wider construction is recommended, which can be expanded by merely 5 cm in length and width (165x195 cm) or by 10 cm (170x200 cm).

Some companies in Italy sell mattresses that are slightly larger than the normal model at a slightly greater price than the latter. It is possible to use a made-to-measure mattress if you do not discover the double mattress measurements that are most suitable for your space needs.

Other types of mattresses on the market: mattress sizes

Although most manufacturers use standard mattress sizes to create their products, there are many different models on the market that can meet any need. The following are the most important:

Mattresses from UK (made to measure)

Those looking for a large bed might purchase the "UK square" mattress.

The UK mattresses have a width of 140 cm and a length of 190/200 cm (the length varies according to the manufacturer).

Mattresses in king size

The format of a king size mattress is quite similar to that of a traditional double bed, with the exception that the length and width are proportionally extended by around 20 cm. These beds are not very popular because they require a vast room to properly arrange.


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